Product Name:Drum Heater

Product Structure:
The heating element is a Nickel-Chromium or Copper-Nickel alloy wire, this resistance is embedded between two layers of silicone impregnated glass cloth, making drum heater. A fitted stainless steel spring makes the mounting easy.
A thermostat graduated from 30℃ to 150℃ allows the temperature maintenance adjustment.
The drum heater is weatherproof. Heating or temperature maintenance is done with 1, 2 or 3 heaters.
Product Application:
Maintenance of drum temperature in order to keep the fluid characteristics to products which become viscous at ambient temperature.
Light heating, when time is of little or no importance.
Freeze protection.

Technical Data Sheet:

  200 liter drum heater 200 liter drum heater 18 liter drum heater
Dimension 250×1740mm 125×1740mm 200×860mm
Output 2000W 1000W 800W
Voltage Voltage on request
Temperature adjust 30℃ to 150℃


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