Product Name:Pet plant with heating cable

Product Model:
HXDG——Silicone rubber insulation
HTDG——Silicone rubber insulation + Metal wire braid

Product Application:
The heating cable is suitable for any places needing heating. Its newly increased feature is good flexible which can be coiled on any substances like behind the bird cage fake wall or under the floor. This flexible heating cable is widely used. Its principal feature is completely waterproof.
In cold winter, if you use this heating cable, your pet will feel the spring warmness. It can be used in the containers like the fish tank and breed aquatics water tank, etc.
In the aspect of gardening, appropriate use enables the plant to sprout early and grow fast. It can also protect your rare and valuable flowers and trees in cold winter.

Product Characteristics:
The suppleness is good and it has the moisture proof function. It can be used in high humidity places, especially for the daily use
It has no environment pollution. The temperature is stable and there is no pollution and no noise.
It can be operated in low-temperature and it is safe and energy-saving.
It is easy, convenient and fast to be installed.

Technical Data Sheet:

NO Voltage(V) Watt(W) Length(m)
1 220-240/110V 15 3
2 220-240/110V 15 3.5
3 220-240/110V 15 4
4 220-240/110V 25 3.5
5 220-240/110V 25 4.3 or4.5
6 220-240/110V 50 6
7 220-240/110V 50 7
8 220-240/110V 80 9
9 220-240/110V 100 12
10 220-240/110V 110 15
11 220-240/110V 250 20

Remarks: It can be made according to the customers' demand.

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