It is coiled as spring strip used resistance wire, inset it into glass tube, the both sides of glass tube are made of heat resistant material, connect lead wire to resistance wire in the head



Quartz glass tube heaters are mainly used in refrigeration and microwave ovens.Catalysis deodorizing glass tube heaterattached peculiar smell will be catalyzed and oxidized to carbon dioxide and water, therefore, get the effect of deodorization.



— RBG1: transparent glass tube— RBG2: deodorization— RBG3: opaque glass tube— RBG4: two-double vacuum glass tube— RBG5: two-double transparent glass tubeThe above are small power ones for defrosting in refrigerator. With the power range 100W~300W, they are airproofed on the ends with rubber.— RBG6: barbecuing tube

The heater is cooking heat source in the microwave oven. Generally 2 pcs as one suite in series and the power of single tube is 400W~600W. Bigger surface load and higher radiating coefficient make the microwave cooking food more quickly.


Technical data



Dimension & Geometric Shape

According with the drawing


Up to 300W

Up to 600W


Voltage on request

 Tolerance onresistance


Insulation resistance in normal temperature


Dielectric strength in normal temperature

1800V 2S, No flashover and break down

Leakage current in working temperature


Withstand vibratility

Amplitude is2mm, frequency is 20Hz, vibration is 30s, stop is 5s, continuation is 30min, no break on the glass tube, no looseness of the parts

Withstand impact

Every parts are not damaged when falling down from40mmheight

Connected strength

The wire and the terminal≥49N

The heating wire and the wire≥49N

Withstand break strength of glass tube



According to the requirement of safety and beautiful appearance

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